Thursday, April 18, 2013

Blessings Abound!

I wanted to start this off with something positive, and focusing on the best things in my life - all my wonderful blessings!  I love thinking about them and making lists of all my blessings regularly, it keeps me focused on how wonderful my life truly is!  So, in no particular order, here we go! :) 

  • A wonderful, loving, amazing, powerful God!  He is my reason for breathing, getting up in the morning, and abundant joy in life!
  • My family - my parents are amazing.  There are no words to describe how awesome, loving, fun, supporting, encouraging, etc etc etc they are!  My brother is pretty cool too.  I wish I could spend all day, every day with them!
  • Awesome friends - I have been so blessed to have such good friends who are honest, reliable, dependable, and who genuinely care about me. 
  • Q-bert - my cat :)  She's wonderful too, always runs to the door when I get home, snuggles me every night, and entertains me! 
  • All my needs are met - I have an apartment that I love, a car that I love, and food and clothing!
  • My two jobs - most of the time I enjoy both of them!  I am fortunate to even have two jobs, and with good bosses!
  • My co-workers - amazing, incredible, supportive, loving, fun, etc.  So blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people! 
  • My health - I've had my ups and downs with this, but overall I am healthy and well, and feel great every day! 
  • My church - I have been attending and have been active for a year, but just recently joined.  Such an amazing place with incredible people; I am so blessed to have found them!
  • My small group - I joined a group of single ladies of all ages.  They are so inspiring, encouraging, and fun!  They have taught me so much, and have greatly encouraged me. 
  • This day - it is a rainy, chilly day; but the rain is much needed, and is allowing the flowers to grow and the birds to drink!  Also it is so soothing... 
There are so many more, but I must go eat my lunch that I am blessed to have - Mexican food is yummy!!! 

Peace to all :)


  1. Wow you are a lucky lady. Thanks for sharing your blessings with us. Isn't God great?

  2. This is a beautiful list of blessings! Thanks for sharing it with all of us and reminding me of the many beautiful things in my life.

  3. Thank you ladies! God IS wonderful!!! :)