Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Working Blessings!

A coworker is out of the office today, and was out yesterday as well. This increases my workload as I have to complete her daily tasks as well as my own, which tends to cause me stress; however my goal today is to remember the following:

"A much better definition of peace is one that rests on the ability to rise above our circumstances, overcome our innate tendency to stress out over problems, and learn to remain calm and confident despite what is going on around us. That is real peace— a peace based on Christ, not on people or circumstances. A peace based on faith, not on personal desires being met. A peace based on a quieted heart, not on a quiet house. A peace based on the love of Jesus, not on an easy day at work. A peace based on trusting God in all things, not just the easy things we can handle with no problem. A peace that is present in our hearts, even when our entire life is overflowing with chaos. That is the kind of peace only Jesus can give, and, once we get a taste of that kind of peace, we are never the same again."

~Tracie Miles, "Stressed-Less Living"

I also am remembering how blessed I am that I have a job, am capable of working, am capable of doing extra work on any given day, and that I have helpful, supportive co-workers who make it so much easier! Praise the Lord that he gives me the ability to work every day! 

I highly recommend Tracie's book if you have not already read it! It is a blessing in itself! 

Have a blessed day! :)

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