Thursday, July 11, 2013

5 + 2 = More Than Enough

I absolutely love it when something "clicks" when I am reading the Bible, a devotional, or praying.  Like when a light-bulb literally explodes in your head because you have a revelation that is life-changing, in a positive way!  I was reading Priscilla Shirer's "Gideon," and it was as if God Himself reached down, grabbed my shoulders, and said "LISTEN UP - THIS IS FOR YOU!"  And I am so glad I listened!

"Too Many Mouths to Feed" is the section where I was reading, pertaining to the story in Luke 9:12-17 where Jesus feeds the 5000.  The problem was that the disciples did not have enough food to feed everyone there, so they proposed two solutions: send the people away to a neighboring town, or go and buy food.  Jesus, of course, said give them something to eat - then with five loaves of bread and two fish was able to feed everyone - and have a multitude left over!  

How many times in our lives do we propose this same solution for our problems - send the problem away, or remove ourselves from the problem?  I realized this morning as Priscilla asked those questions that I do both of these on a regular basis.  In relationships, I tend to try to "send the problem away."  With jobs, I try to get myself away from the problem.  In both aspects, I try to run away from both, and find new relationships or a new job.  

When things get tough in relationships and at work, I tend to only focus on the negative and problematic parts, and I think I need to get rid of it.  Priscilla writes, "The disciples decided that the best way to achieve success was to send them all away.  Problem solved.  But Jesus wouldn't allow that...They, like Gideon, felt outnumbered and beyond their abilities for the same reason: they were looking at the wrong thing.  Their eyes lingered on their scarce resources and their looming problem - instead of concentrating on the fact that Jesus was with them...A change in focus changes everything."  

I learned today that, like the doubting disciples, I need to be reminded of God's available resources.  As Priscilla says, "Don't concentrate on the disparity between the problem and your resources.  Look to Me, and watch five loaves plus two fish equal more than enough."  If we constantly run away from our problems, we will miss God's strength working in our weaknesses, and we will miss His miracles being performed!  

This is one of my favorite songs by Jeremy Camp - "Enough."  I hope you listen to it and are blessed!  :)  

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