Sunday, December 6, 2015

Chemo - Day 3

Day 3

Woke up this morning in a total I told my family, I feel like my head is on up-side down.  I feel like a Shel Silverstein character, just kind of goofy!  lol.  I can feel swelling of my lymph nodes in my head and neck, which is good because it means they are working!  It feels almost like I have a cold, with the body aches and sore throat, but it's not too terrible.  My head just feels weird, inside and brain feels like there are only a few synapses connecting, and my hair follicles feel tingly and weird.  So bizarre!  Kinda like this guy:

Or maybe more like this guy is how I'm feeling hahahaha: 

I also find it interesting how sore my surgical and drain sites have been since Friday...yup, chemo is definitely working to attack those bad cancer cells!!!

I ate two pieces of cinnamon-sugar toast and an egg for breakfast, so that is good.  No nausea so far, thankfully.  My bright-pink and poofy steroid face has gone down a bit, and almost returned to its normal color.  Yay!

Emotionally, I feel like a wreck.  I am eager to return to work tomorrow, but I feel like I can't function at all!  I feel like a Ferris Wheel that is hanging on by one anchor, and any one bump or stressor might knock it loose, and it will roll away, unraveling itself into bits and pieces as it goes.  I am so thankful for all the love and prayers I've been blessed with, as they help tremendously!  Two scriptures from my Bible readings today boosted me up this morning:

I must make sure I take hold of every thought I have, and make sure it stands in line with God's truth; and if it does not, I must correct it so that it does.  This will help me keep a positive focus!  And when we are weak, we can allow God's strength and power to fill us up, making us stronger than we can be on our own.  Praise the Lord!!!  

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