Monday, May 23, 2016

Feelin' Rad! 😉😆☢

Radiation treatment has begun! Today was pretty easy, the only hard part was having to lay still for the setup and treatment haha (total time was about 20 minutes with my arms overhead). Now I just gotta do it 32 more times! Lol...I will have 28 regular treatments, and 5 boost treatments (see video link below). My hands went numb during the process, and we're still tingly when they went to take my blood pressure (with a machine) before I saw my doctor...I didn't think much of it, but apparently my hand was not a fan and I totally got a hand cramp, complete with fingers going all directions! Lol I've had my feet do that before, like when your foot cramps and your toes go all funky directions that you didn't even know they could go in; but never my hand! Obviously it resolved quickly, but it was kinda funny. Full feeling and color has returned to my hands now! Lol. Does my bandana clash with my gown?!? 😆😂

Here is a link to a good video that explains the radiation process:

Please note, however, that my tattoos are BLACK ink, not blue ink! Lol...thanks for all the love and prayers!!! 😀❤


  1. Since you are doing radiation, you should read Matthew 10:28 ;)

    1. That's a good one, thank you!!! <3

    2. That's a good one, thank you!!! <3