Sunday, January 17, 2016


When I first found out I had cancer, I was upset about having to lose my hair.  This discontent did not last for long, as I soon realized how many options for wigs, hats, and scarves there are out there (plus not having to wash and dry and style my hair was a pretty exciting thought as well).  The one thing I continued to hope for was not losing my eyelashes.  I LOVE my eyelashes!!!  Even though they are not super long, they are very dark, and I often feel like I look fine without having to put on mascara and eyeliner.

Unfortunately, however, I love to rub my eyes.  And by rub I mean DIG my boyfriend often says he feels sorry for my eyes, as I usually rub them harder than I should.  But it feels soooo good to dig 'em when they are soooo itchy!!!  It's genetic, my dad does the same thing; therefore I can't help it!  So it's no surprise to me that I have started to lose some of my eyelashes, as I have probably rubbed them out.  It's not bad or anything, as I still have plenty of them, but I can definitely tell they have thinned.    

I first started noticing this one day when I was applying mascara, as they just looked sparse and not nice and full as they normally do.  No complaints (yet), as I still have plenty of them; just another observation of my body during chemo :)  I've got one set of false eyelashes ready in case I ever feel the need to use them, and I am so thankful to still have two healthy eyes to see with!!!

In other news, I have been feeling pretty darn good, and I had acupuncture and an adjustment this week which has helped me sleep better than I have in months!  So I am very thankful for that as well.  Last Thursday I finally got to experience Top Golf with friends and family, and it was a blast!!! (Pics down below!!!).  However I do NOT recommend attempting to swing a golf club approximately 3 months after a double mastectomy...I did not think that one through well enough before attempting to golf!  The first swing I missed the ball, and my chest gave me hell.  Needless to say, I did not golf much, but had a blast playing Foosball and chatting with loved ones.  I also got to go visit my grandparents this weekend, and I am thankful I felt well enough to spend time with them.  

Round 3 is coming up on Friday!  After this round, I will be halfway done with chemo!!!  :D  I will still have the rest of the year to do Herceptin infusions, but since it is a targeted treatment, I shouldn't have all the systemic effects like I have been.  Halfway through the hard chemo, and I am alive and well...God is good!!!  I talked with my oncologist this week, and we are changing up my steroid dose a bit again, as I think last time it was too much (too little the first time, too much the second time, so the third time should be like Goldilocks' third bowl of porridge - juuuuust right!).  

Me and my BFF Ashlea chillin' at Top Golf!

 My beautiful momma swingin' that club!  

Yep, it's a macaroni and cheese burger, amazing tots, and chicken and waffles!!!  YAY for my taste buds being back!!! :D  

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